Monday, 22 July 2013

Nurglings WIP no3 , almost there!

 Hey guys! Took me some time to post anything but i was busy with that commission! Soooo.....My nurglings are happy today cause they got all rendered nice and proper. Well , not exactly but at least im at a 90-95% I still need to render all of their eyes and the main guy's intestines. See:

Im really happy with how they turned so far! But now is not the time for rest. To sum up my next steps , i have to:

1) Render teh eyes.

2) render teh space marine.

3) add his chapter's symbol to his shoulder.

4) Add liquids , many liquids. This is the key to give the feeling that they are all slimey and disgusting. Saliva , muck and body fluids will do the trick. Also gonna render the pale maggots.

5) I was thinking a lot about the background. I dont wanna ruin the effort i put on the characters by throwing a lazy background behind them. So i discarded my initial thoughts of toxic gass clouds. My second thought was Plague Marines marching forward , giving the feel that the whole scene is captured in the middle of a fight. But there is little space for them and i dont really feel like drawing PMs right now , i wanna keep this piece strictly daemonic. So , some hours ago , a light bulb appeared above my head:  Epidemius ! This guy is a plague bearer , which means he is a class above nurglings already but..Epidemius is not just any plague bearer. He is THE Plaguebearer. He is chosen by Nurgle himself to be his tallyman and is one of the council of  the7 most badass plague bearers there are ( GW has given no hint about the other 6.)  Best yet , Epidemius is sitting atop a throne that is carried by nurglings! He will fit just perfectly in my opinion. His carriers will give a sence of continuity and depth since the eye will compare the size of the nurglings in the front with the ones in the back. If i pull the pose nicely it may even appear in a wave like motion. I will position him in the space above the nurglings in the right , a space that was akwardly empty and ruined the picture's balance. So , one stone , two birds ;)

Thats it for tonight , im gonna go and try this thing humans call "sleep". More filthy , nurgly stuff tommorow! Cya!

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