Thursday, 25 July 2013

Le Final Step before the end WIPno4

Ok i didnt plan on uploading it in this stage , i mean , its almost done now so i thought id show the finished product. Buuut , i saved a jpg file to show it to my buddy so why not show it to the rest of you.

So , im a man of my word , as i said , Epidemius.You can also see how i extended the canvas for the shake of better composition. Epidemius was so fun to draw! Its the first time im drawing an obesse man sitting in a chair that is carried around by a ton of childlike demons! What a trip! Instead of the useless kitchen knife we see him holding in GW's miniature , I gave him a hourglass in his hand for the purpose of symbolism. You know , the fleet of time , the passing of age and the eventual arrival of death who , in warhammer , is mostly represented by Nurgle. So the hourglass , in my mind , repressents the inevitability of Nurgle's triumph. Another spot im very fond off are the nurglings who carry the chair. I wanted to portray them as a mass of playful and anxious lil' bastards! The ones pushing each other on the left , the one pulling pranks on the right , trying to bring em all down...I think they make a good contrast with the seriously serious Epidemius.

So , im almost done and this makes me jiggle! I put a lot of effort and care in this picture and learned many things. I'll get to that once i finish it though. So , lets sum up my remaining tasks!

1) Add the liquid effects.
2) Finish the base colours of Epidemius , then render him along with his servants.
3) Draw a proper sky , not just a blank colour gradient. Thats important. I must force myself to put more effort in my backgrounds. I often put lot of work on a character and then im so excited about him that i cant wait to upload him , resaulting in a lazy background. Sometimes it work , but other times it diminishes the effort i put on the character. Nevertheless , if you settle for few , you get none.

My next post will deliver the finished piece :)

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