Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Nurglings WIP no2

My  Nurglings again , this time bace colouring included. I settled for a Black Templar , mainly cause they are black lol. Their colour scheme works well with the image. I wanted to give different skin tones to my nurglings , i hope i didnt overdo it. There are still plenty of details to add besides the rendering. Muck , saliva , shitstains , more maggots(?) , draw a proper sky and im even considering of adding something big in the background like a Great Unclean One or a Plague Hulk . We will see...

In other news , im getting close to finishing my latest commissioned work. Client is happy so far so thats a great thing. Once i complete it ill be able to spent more time on the nurglings and my other projects. Unfortunately i wont be able to share the commission until late August , since it is going to be a gift for a certain relative of my client.

Till next time !

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