Monday, 15 July 2013 current WIP.

So , even though im curently very busy working on a commission , i managed to turn some scraps of free time into this:

So , what is this..

People who have been following my art the past two years have realised how much i like Games Workshop's fictional universes. Both warhammer 40k and warhammer fantasy amaze me. This is a fan art based on warhammer 40k. The creatures you see are Nurglings , the base servants of Nurgle , god of death , despair and pestilence.

What i find tremendously interesting about Nurgle and his daemons is their paradox character. They combine the utterly grim and disgusting with a quite merry personality. In fact , Nurgle treats his servants as if they are his naughty grand-children and in turn , they act as if they are indeed jolly infants. They take great pleasure at spreading all kinds of sickness throughout the gallaxy and revel in all things putrid and rotten.

And now that im done explaining the fluff behind the characters , let me introduce my way of thinking when i created this linework.I believe that , when it comes to nurgle daemons , no two must be the same. There are so many interesting ideas you can work upon nurgle's concept , so many cool stuff you can add that i find it a sin not to explore the characters as much as you can! Besides , we are talking about Chaos. Chaos fundamental feature is its anomallous and diverse nature. Everything chaotic constantly mutates and assumes forms that would drive a man crazy. So , why settle with one design , when i can give every little nurgling another look!

While i was drawing the first two nurglings i thought i'd add a plot twist. Hence the poor space marine :( I havent ever came across a pic focused on nurglings abusing a dead space marine ( cant imagine why ) , so i thought it would be a fresh picture that should totally be done.

So , thats all for now. I plan on finishing this as fast as my other responsibilities allow me to. I cant wait to render all these gooey vomity stuff! I will stick with a brown-green-yellow palette mostly , these colours can really make a filthy image stink through your monitor! About the space marine , i have not decided the chapter yet. He also needs more work before he is done too. Adding more damage to the armor for instance. I guess ill decide his origin based on what colours will fit the rest of the image!
Till next time!

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