Friday, 26 July 2013


After plenty of effort and lots of tissues , i present to you my latest piece

If anything , it's the one piece i have put the most effort to accomplish yet. I'm sure i have missed some spots here and there but i really wanted to finish it today , i was too excited! The other reason this artwork is important for me is cause it shows my progress durring the period of one year. Last summer , late July , i made another artwork featuring Demons of nurgle. 

To both pieces i have devoted a lot of time and used everything i knew related to my art. So , they stand on equal height and its great cause , when i look at these two pictures , i see the passing of one year of practice and work , everything i learned and everything i still dont comprehent. It's a great motivation and if you are into art yourself , i really suggest you do this every once in a while. Take an old pic of yours and redraw it or draw something very similar. It's eye opening , both to what you have accomplished and to what you still need to learn.

Now , some tech stuff. I use Paint Tool Sai , i prefer it over ps a lot. Its line quality is superb and makes my life very easy. I dont recomend it for realistic styles but comic ones like mine are home on sai. Another good thing about it is that sai has limited tools. This sounds like a paradox but it isnt. I dont like to have the machine work for me and nobody who is new to art should. If i want to draw something , i must learn how to do it myself. If im just mixing brushes and collaging textures , i feel like im just trying to make an artist out of photoshop. I keep my "magic buttons" to extreme minimum. No shortcuts. This way , im learning art , not how to use a software. Ofcourse this is just my opinion and im not accusing anyone for doing it. I just think its better to do it yourself , or at least try. And have in mind that , if an artwork has a not realistic style , by adding realistic textures you are instantly crippling it. You can see this in my old Nurgle work. See how the clouds look strange and out of place with the characters. Its like i merged two different pictures. A solid , even style is vital to the product's appeal.

Now , i did use ps on the final stage of the artwork in this occasion. Ps is masterful in colours and its easy to do colour corrections fast and accurately. Some darker tones , some stronger highlights , some fog effects done with a simple soft brush and voila. The best of two worlds :)

The original title will propably be "A Feast for Nurglings." , i like how it sounds. I hope the WIP process was helpful , its the first time i shared it and it was fun! Next time i'll try to be more thorough. Now all i have to do is start the next piece :) See you next time and thanks for visiting! 

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