Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Some updates , some news and a potato.

 Hey guys , i havent uploaded anything here for some time but i was in a tight spot. I am working on some commissions that i cant show right now , sorry about that! However i was indeed drawing some stuff of my own and it is time to share them with you.

This big baby is what i currently call "Alien Market". Its big , its fat and im propably gonna make a poster out of it. Right now i have finished the sketch and im lineworking but i included the sketch so you can see where i am going. Im really excited about this piece! I love drawing aliens.

This is another big fat piece more than a meter wide. Its Ragnarok the Apocalypse of norse mythology. As a vivid fan of anything viking , including folk/viking metal , i was very hyped about drawing this. Its pretty much in the same position as the Alien Market , sketch done and starting to linework. Truth is i havent worked on this for some days , there is something i dont like about it but i cant figure it out yet. Hmmm.... Anyway this image will feature Thor vs Jormungandr , Odin vs Fenris , Surtr and his giands of flame and a shit ton of troll fighting norse heroes. All scenes are inspired by the actual mythos of Ragnarok. I'll make sure to get over the block and finish this cause its a piece im dieing to have in my portfolio.

Thats a character done for an art trade between me and my friend Ibrahem Swaid. Its a Blood Angel who has turned to chaos. Some work remains , namely add a power sword , a bolter on the other hand and the jump pack on his back. Plus colour etc etc. Will be done soon.


These are some characters i drew when i was really busy and couldnt find time for a bigger piece. I call them mini-knights. The plan is to draw a little dude for every letter of the english alphabet. The ones you see now are Axe knight , Boxer Knight , Clown Knight , Devil Knight and Eternal knight. I have even gone as far as to make a little story for each one and come up with a universe for them. The rest will be done for sure , its really fun drawing these folks ^_^

On other news , i got frontpaged in NewGrounds again! Its the second time in a single month as the DiMorteli were frontpaged at the 7th  of August. I cant really express how i feel about it. It fills me with joy and makes me wanna work even harder! Its a huge push for me and i thank all the people who trust in me and my art! It means a lot!

And , last but not least

Till next time!

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